How to get your copy of “Olympic Gardens

Email orders: and receive payment option through secure PayPal Services:



Telephone orders: 914.668-5836

Postal Orders: Complete Quick Order Form and send to publisher at:

Egwechi Publishing

P.O. Box 2009

Mount Vernon, NY 10551




City:_____________________________State:________ Zip:__________________

Telephone: _________________________________________________________

Email Address:______________________________________________________

I understand that I may return it/them for a full refund—for any reason, no questions asked.

  1. Other online: should be available in a week.
  2. Local Bookstores: Ask your local bookstore to order copies for your community. We will ship right away.

Shipping within the US: U$2 per book. Additional books are subject to weight.


2 Responses to “Reach Out”

  1. Devon Says:

    In Olympic Gardens Andrene Bonner created a work of fiction about real life characters and situations. Abandonment and friendship, an outcast with a desire to fit in, a fighter who must learn to get along are all part and parcel of Roderick’s life story as well as part of the fabric of life in the Olympic Gardens in which I grew up. Thanks Andrene for your poignant story telling and awaking latent memories

    1. andrenebonner Says:

      Thanks Devon for sharing your insight about the book. Happy to know that it brought back memories.

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