Cover_Final_2Olympic Gardens is a fascinating new novel by Andrene Bonner. It is a story of displacement, literacy, friendship, and hope. 

 By the time Roderick Brissett learns that he is being shipped away from his rural family home to live with his aunt in the city, it is too late for a reprieve. His mother’s decision came without questions or answers. Roderick’s youth is tested under the most adverse conditions. It is within the abyss of such harsh realities that he must find strength and seek some semblance of joy that will help him to survive, grow, and find his place in the world.


6 Responses to “Olympic Gardens”

  1. Kayla James Says:

    Olympic Gardens is an amazing book! If a child is looking for adventure, humor, and the important touch of reality. It is a heart-felt, and wonderful story. The author’s creativity, and use of descriptive writing helps me visualize the story in my head. I can see Roderick “takin a bus to town” and being yelled at by his mother. Olympic Gardens will soon be a Jamaican classic, read for ages to come. Well done Miss Bonner, well done.

    1. andrenebonner Says:

      Thanks toughcookie10133. Please continue to spread the word. I appreciate your interest in this work.

  2. Gloria Campbell Says:

    Adrene I am trying to see how I can purchase this book, because I need to know how I can sell this. First I have to read it, anyway will give you a call later… Love the cover excellent art work.

    1. andrenebonner Says:

      How to get your copy “Olympic Gardens”
      1. Email orders: and receive payment option through secure PayPal Services.
      2. Telephone orders: 914.668-5836
      3. Postal Orders: Complete Quick Order Form and send to publisher at:
      Egwechi Publishing
      P.O. Box 2009
      Mount Vernon, NY 10551

      City:_____________________________State:________ Zip:__________________
      Telephone: _________________________________________________________
      Email Address:______________________________________________________
      I understand that I may return it/them for a full refund—for any reason, no questions asked.
      4. Other online: should be available in a week.
      5. Local Bookstores: Ask your local bookstore to order copies for your community. We will ship right away.
      Shipping within the US: U$2 per book. Additional books are subject to weight.

  3. Cecil Wray Says:

    I have had friends from the UK say they are unable to obtain the book on amazon UK. I mentioned it to Beverly ( my sister ) who informed me that you pay for amazon UK, this a month ago it is still not available, I had to send them a copy, I think you are loosing out here

    1. andrenebonner Says:

      Hello Cecil. Thanks for touching base and being such a great ambassador for Olympic Gardens. Most definitely, the UK is being explored and amazon will be on board soon.

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